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The Scorpion


2019 | Immersive Experience | 2 Weeks | Team of 5

A first-time experience with treating the area around us as a scenographic space, Scorpion was a group project where we created a performance based on the short story “Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka. We depicted our interpretation of the book, which was the melancholy that is life. We showed that even though each individual's destinations are different and the paths we choose to reach there might not be the same, we all have battle scars that bring us close together.

The layout



Space A
Moving through soft cloth

Right before the audience began their journey, they were given shirts to wear. To give a sense of the journey of life, we put different objects together in Space A for the audience to walk through. These depicted the different struggles/phases in life. The obstacles were accompanied with sounds that were generic so that everyone would be able to relate to and connect to it. 

The entrance
Installing the space

Metal rods - They depict the hardships we face in life

Installing the space

Soft string - To remind us of the nurturing touch of a mother

Installing the space

Dark pathway - We don't always know where we are going, but we reach our destination no matter what

Space B

After going through Space A, Space B was supposed to give you a sense of understanding. Here, as soon as they entered, the audience saw an elderly man sitting around a projection of objects and creatures. They also noticed that the shirts given to them at the beginning of the experience have marks, or rather scars on them. A voiceover was then played that explained that everyone's life is filled with struggles, but all of us deal with it differently, and in the end we all survive, just like the scorpion. 


Aiman Verma

Ananya Kori

Muskaan Agarwal

Noora Yasmin

Sunaina Desai

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