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The Sabarmati


2019 | Immersive Installation | 1 Week | Team of 14

This project was done in collaboration with Mallika Sarabhai and her theatre group, at the Shreyas Foundation. She and her cast put up a show in Ahmedabad that showed us how the city had grown in the past 600 years. Before entering the theatrical space, a walkway was to be created that displayed the development of Ahmedabad and its people. We played a small role in depicting the importance of the Sabarmati River and how much had changed in the last 100 years. 

Abhirami Suresh

Aditi Lunia

Aijin Shaji

Aiman Verma

Ananya Kori

Devansh Khajanchi

Kishori Nandhini

Khushboo Mehrotra

Kunal Lokhande

Muskaan Agarwal

Noora Yasmin

Shruti Chakke

Sunaina Desai

Urja Jhaveri

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