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2020 | Online Exhibition | 7 months


Done as part of my Graduation Project for the National Institute of Design, PHYTOPIA was an online exhibition hosted by Science Gallery Bengaluru from 21 August 2020 to 30 August 2020. I was in charge of conceptualising, curating and designing the exhibition. 

WFB_Programme Post_Insta.png

To create buzz on Science Gallery Bengaluru’s social media platforms, we periodically posted snippets and sneak-peaks of the exhibition and conducted live sessions for the visitors to be a part of. We divided our posts into three different categories—pre-exhibition, during-exhibition, and post-exhibition. The frequency of posts and the amount of information given out varied during these times. 

What was supposed to be a physical exhibition turned into an online experience due to COVID-19, and the whole event was designed on Squarespace as a subsection of Science Gallery Bengaluru’s current website. We used various online platforms like Youtube and Zoom to interact with our audience and conduct various workshops and talks.  

As part of the exhibition, I was also asked to design and curate a handbook of activities that the visitors could download and refer to during their free time. The idea behind creating this handbook was to make sure our visitors had some sort of a ‘take-away’ from the exhibition; something to keep them occupied and informed in a time when most of us were alone and stuck at home.

Handbook mockup_1.jpg
Handbook mockup_5.jpg
Handbook mockup_2.jpg
Handbook mockup_3.jpg
Handbook mockup_4.jpg
Catalogue mockup_1.jpg
Catalogue mockup_2.jpg

Post the exhibition, I made a catalogue of the exhibition that represented the various aspects of the online experience. In short, this catalogue was a simplified, brief but informative version of PHYTOPIA that Science Gallery Bengaluru also intends on using as part of their funding dossier. 

Catalogue mockup_3.jpg

Once the exhibition ran its course, an archived, condensed version was made available to the public with recordings of all the programmes that took place during PHYTOPIA. The exhibition was available to the public in two languages—English and Kannada. View the archived version of the online experience by clicking here.

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